8. August 2017

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Persönlichkeitsbeschreibung für Faule: Twitter Bio Generator



1. Use your real name and an actual location. How do you want to be addressed if someone contacts you? Be authentic. Where do you want people to find you? Don’t be cute. You do not want your identity and existence to be confusing to another user.

2. Add a profile picture. This is crucial in adding personality to your account and for improving return on interest. Please, whatever you do, change the Twitter default picture. This is “the modern business card” after all! Match the tone of your Twitter personality.

3. Be descriptive in your bio. Don’t write something in the bio that has nothing to do with you. Credited as one of the 20 all-time best Twitter bios, we know @cshirky is “Bald, unreliable and easily distracted.” This is an original bio and perfectly fine (if that’s what you want people to know about you). Be creative, have fun, but be precise.

4. Provide the URL to your website. This is very important because after you get a user to follow you, the goal is to direct them to your website or blog and learn more about your brand.

The main point of your bio is to help others decide if you are follow-worthy. Keep this in mind as your write your bio. Who do you follow? Someone with similar interests? Someone you can learn something from? We want to hear from you. And while you’re at it, follow us @YourSocialMove.

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